Texer SRL 
Via Procaccini 17, Milan, 20154, Italy
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The smartest way to manage business trips.

Texer rewards employees when saving money.

On average 31% of business trips cost reduction. 

Business Trips Costs
Employee engagement


Company inserts the trip expense limit in Texer


The employee completes the travel expense report


Split the savings. 

50% cash for the company and

50%credits for the emloyee


The employee change credits with Gift Cards

Process managed by Texer

Our Story

Texer has been founded in 2019 by ex managers from Amazon and Google with the goal to scale at a European level thansk to its innovative services.

Our Vision

We are struggling daily to help companies to avoid money waste and to reward employees for their contribution.


Texer continously invests on new features aiming to automatize business trips management by reducing cos.