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Nessun costo aziendale, risparmio garantito e dipendenti soddisfatti.

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Iscriviti ora
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Risparmia sulle spese dei viaggi aziendali

Texer premia i tuoi dipendenti quando risparmiano

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I nostri clienti risparmiano in media il 31%

Grazie a Texer i viaggi aziendali non sono più uno spreco di risorse ma un modo per responsabilizzare il dipendente ed efficientare le spese

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Con Texer spendi solo se risparmi

Tutto quello che spenderai verrà girato come premio al tuo dipendente. Prova subito, scrivici a info@texer.io

Risparmia sulle spese dei viaggi aziendali
Riduzione dei costi
I nostri clienti risparmiano in media il 31%
Con Texer spendi solo se risparmi

Texer è gratuito

Spendi solo se risparmi
LESS Business Trip cost
MORE Employees Engagement
Texer is free of charge, companies pay the Gift Card for their employees. It means that if you don't save you don't pay and whatever you will pay its value is converted into a benefit for the employee!


1 Set a budget
Company inserts trip expense limit in Texer
2 Expense update
The employee completes the travel expense report
3 Split the savings
50% Cash for the company and 50% credits for the employee
4 Employee rewards
The employee can change his credits with Gift Cards. All this step is managed by Texer.

About Us

Our Story
Texer has been founded in 2019 by ex managers from Amazon and Google with the goal to scale at a European level thansk to its innovative services.
Our Vision
We are struggling daily to help companies to avoid money waste and to reward employees for their contribution.
“ At Texer we continously invest on new features aiming to automatize business trips management by reducing cost ”
Alessandro Cavalleri, CEO
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